Stories of a Broken Sun

Splinters of a Broken Sun: Prologue, Part 1

August 20, 2017

The sun is broken.

The heart of Gov, the four-in-one saviour, staggers through the sky, drenching the starving lands in burning light, or plunging them into frozen night. The deserts drown fertile lands in sand and dust.

All of this is our punishment for failing the covenant with the four-in-one, who saved us from the Emergency nearly 300 years ago.

When the sun stalls for minutes, hours, or days, some say that it is dying, and Gov with it. Rumours on the wind, swiftly stilled by the brutal efficiency of the Church. 
Twice before, fiery blessings fell from the sun, destroying the lands and peoples below.

Nothing grows where these splinters of a broken sun touch the earth-- nothing but knowledge of the lore lost in the Emergency, for those who can claim these relics.

It has been 30 years since the last splinter fell within the Church's domain. The sun grows less stable, and the earth sweats and shivers, but life continues to find a way.

It is the year Emergency Plus 260. Four youths, freshly out of general school and starting their apprenticeships, live together with their parent groups in a traditional quad. 
Their lives are like any others: hard, but routine. There are no surprises in the Church's domain. Three days a week, they work the fields or the fungus caverns; three days a week, they learn their new trade; and one day a week, they go to the Shrine in the center of town to receive Gov's blessing.

Today is just another day, this meal is just another meal, and the sun outside of town is in just another stall. Soon, it will move again, and time will resume, and life will continue its dreary crawl.


Any minute now.

Keva Zharma is played by Keekers. You can find her on Twitter @beaspacecat.
Emrek Pak is played by Michael Blood. You can find them on Twitter @GoodSirBlood.
Deg Dhanchobiset is played by WhiskeyWhiskers.
Medb Sentus is played by OG Brown Sugar. You can't find her on social media, because frankly Twitter doesn't deserve her.
I'm your master of ceremonies, Matt. You can find me on Twitter @Whycalibur
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Music by Matt.

Re-uploaded with remastered audio on 01/07/2018.

I want to acknowledge that this podcast is produced on the unceded territory of the Katzie, Kwikwetlem, Stó:lō, Kwantlen, Stz'uminus, and Musqueam people, and the treaty land of the Tsawwassen First Nation.

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