Stories of a Broken Sun

Operation 2 - Bolt from the Blue

May 15, 2021

With Keva tied up in paperwork and Reaching Through the Night off at a scouting professional development symposium, Ollie and Jo-Jo find themselves caught up in a recon mission for Stylish Fountain, a representative of Concord Lagoon. Her task for them is to escort former Surface Liberation Front mechanic Empy Four to the experimental new power station at the edge of the Lightning Groves to find out why the facility has gone dark, and why the Wave can't seem to touch it. Empy hopes that he will be able to bring it back online, but this "dead zone" surrounding the facility seems to be more serious than anyone expected.

Get Songs for the Dusk by Kavita Poduri and Quinn Floredo Vega here.

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Opening theme:
Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod

Ending theme: 
Where is Life? by Arp/Whycalibur

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