Stories of a Broken Sun

Monster Care Squad: Diagnosis

June 28, 2020

Life has been difficult in Gov's Domain since the Sunbreakers killed the sun and Den destroyed the Spire at Bodhi. Despite some promising progress in repairs to the habitat, the lack of stable government, reliable sunlight, and safe supply lines has thrown the world into disarray. Even then, people are resilient, and better at taking care of themselves than most authorities would like to admit... but when giant monsters begin to emerge from the sand, even a resilient people need a hand.

These are the stories of the Monster Care Squad.

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Izah played by Velvet (fae/faer). You can find faer on Twitter @OGBrownSugar.

Tenpeni is played by Keekers (she/her). You can find her on Twitter @BeASpaceCat.

Yarrow is played by Michael Blood (they/them). You can find them on Twitter @GoodSirBlood.

I'm your friendly guide, Matt (he/they). You can find me on Twitter @Whycalibur, or follow the show @BrokenSunRPG.

I want to acknowledge that this podcast is produced on the unceded territory of the Katzie, Kwikwetlem, Stó:lō, Kwantlen, Stz'uminus, and Musqueam people, and the treaty land of the Tsawwassen First Nation.

Support indigenous land protectors by visiting and learning about the ongoing fight against invasive and illegal pipelines.

Reconciliation is dead. Revolution is alive.

Intro and outro music is Dirac from

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